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Summary Edit

Buba is a Fucking Asshole. Bubba may or may not be a wrestler under the employment of the BFF. He is also known as The Rad Dad and The Bad Guy

Bio Edit

About twice a week Bubba wakes up in a broom closet, he is awoken by the blaring sound of an alarm clock playing over the loud speaker of the arena. When he wakes he is confused, furious, like a caged animal. Literally like a caged animal until he slowly finds his way into the ring, where he is greeted by the cheers of equally confused fans. The cheering fans and still blaring alarm clock puts him in a state, a state in which he is ready to do harm onto another. As he enters the ring he raises his hand in the air and begins to nod rapidly, eagerly accepting his new position as The Opponent, The Bad Guy. His in-ring style is not typical of most performers, as nobody told him that this is not a real fight. Everything he knows about professional wrestling he learned from watching boxing on TV. He typically will actually punch his opponents and somehow, someway, find a way to lose matches sometimes.